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Solana Volume Bot

Summer Sale Now On!

Trading volume and % price increase are 2 of the main factors that decide if someone buys or ignores your token. Now you have the chance to control both the Trading Volume and the Price Increase using the Solana Volume Bot.

Solana Volume Bot allows you to generate unlimited volume for your Solana tokens. Hype up your token and attract more buyers. With higher trading volume you can get your project trending on sites like DexScreener, Dextools and Birdeye.

The bot allows you to regulate the price of your token. Simply change the Buy/Sell ratio and the bot will Buy more to make the price go higher or Sell more to make the price go lower.

Set how fast/slow you want your wallets to trade. There is no limit, you can trade every second, every few seconds or have an even longer wait time.

You have full control of the chart.

One time fee, lifetime updates.

Only selling limited amount of copies to not ruin the market.

Bot price will go up with every sale.

Watch the bot in action:

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